June 2005

Baseball and Football Meet at Batting Practice

The Houston Astros recently invited the NFL Houston Texans to batting practice.  Several players, including quarterback David Carr, center Steve McKinney, and Chester Pitts joined in for a friendly home run contest.  The Texans proved they were good at more than just football!  Even quarterback David Carr knocked a few out of the park. 

The Astros went on to win the game that evening, so maybe a few more friendly rivalries will help their game.David_carr



All Star Around the Corner

Billrancic1 This time last year, I was preparing for the biggest journalism event I ever had!  The 2004 All-Star Game in Houston.  If you have ever thought about going to an All-Star game but didn’t, push yoursellf and do it!  You will have so much fun!

Fan fest is filled with booths and exhibits, and lots of fun games and entertainment.  There are also a lot of baseball clinics put on by the professionals, Crawford3 and they really do teach you a lot, and take questions from the audience.  Anything you want to buy baseball you will find at Fan Fest.  The exhibits are really awesome.

Cities that host an All-Star game go all out.  They make sure they have plenty for you to do and that you have a good time.  Street vendors, musicians, bands, you name it, it’s there.  Just walking down the street was a good time.

Even though I wasn’t old enough, a lot of the clubs and restaurants have night time parties where the celebrities and athletes come out.  Fans lined the streets to get a glimpse of their favorite star. 

The Celebrity Softball game brings fans up close with their favorite players from days past along with various celebrities who play against one another. 

You can get a great look at up and coming players at the Futures games.

Then of course, is the famous home run derby.  How exciting is that?  These guys are real sluggers and their talents really shine here.

The All-Star game itself is awesome.  Here are the best of the best, the fan favorites playing on one field.  It was really cool to see guys who normally don’t come through your town.

Even if you can’t get a ticket to the game, still go!  The events surrounding the game are worth the trip, and you won’t be disappointed. 

It was the best time ever and would do it again no matter how far it was to drive.

The ballots are out, so be sure and vote for your favorites!

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Danny’s Teammates Miss Him

It’s no secret that many of the Red’s players were surprised when Danny Graves was let go.  Shock, disappointment and anger were just some of the feelings they had.  Several of them told me he is really going to be missed in the clubhouse.  He is such a fun and friendly guy who always had a smile on his face and loved to joke around.  Here’s hoping that he lands in a really good place, and good things come his way.  Maybe new geography will help.  Good luck Danny!