About mlbkidz

I am 16-years-old and a working sports
writer. I want to be a journalist when I graduate from
college. I joined a journalism club in the 4th grade and now
take classes in journalism. I write a sports column for
mlb.com/kids, a weekly sports column in a local newspaper,
and have had articles published. My favorite thing to do is
to interview professional athletes, where my readers can
learn about the person, not just their accomplishments. Some
famous interviews have been Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Yao
Ming, Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Eric Gagne, Derek Jeter,
Dirk Nowitski, Andy Pettitte, Carlos Beltran, Josh Beckett,
and Greg Maddux to name a few. It is an awesome job, and I am
so grateful for it.


baseball, journalism, hockey, interviewing,
CNN, ESPN, traveling, my pets, collecting coins, hot dogs at
Minute Maid Park, politics and learning about the