November 2006

Astros take two – but what will Pettitte and Clemens do?

Believe me, I was really excited to hear that the Astros signed Carlos Lee and Woody Williams.  Maybe that will be the draw to convince both Andy and Roger to come back another year.  No matter what, Roger is always a draw at the box office, and Andy is one of the nicest players around.  I think having a rotation that included Williams, Pettitte, Clemens, Oswalt and well, ……we will have to see who the other might be.  That’s a pretty strong lineup. 

This time of year, it gets long, waiting for spring training to roll around.  How about you guys?

It’s off to the races with the free agent frenzy

Can’t believe it’s that time again.  It just seems like it was the middle of baseball season, and here we are, wondering where players will land.  I, for one, hope that Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens re-sign with the Astros.  It is ALWAYS exciting to watch those two pitch, no matter what….

I would love to see Woody Williams or Greg Maddux come to Houston, and glad to see Biggio re-signed for another year.  Just can’t imagine him playing anywhere else.

What about Barry Bonds?  Does anyone think he will really leave San Francisco?