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What was he thinking?

Thumbnail image for Chacon.jpgThe Astros indefinitely suspended pitcher Shawn Chacon tonight.  Reports from the locker room say that General Manager Ed Wade asked Chacon to go to Manager Cecil Coopers office.  Chacon refused.  He has been upset over the possibility of being removed from the starting rotation to the bull pen.  He asked for a trade, and did not want to stay with the Astros if he couldn’t start.  According to Chacon, as told to the Houston Chronicle, Wade again asked him to Coopers office, and Chacon told Wade he could say whatever he wanted to say to him there in the players dining room.  According to Chacon, Wade began yelling and him and cursed at him, and Chacon lost it, grabbing Wade by the back of the neck and taking him to the ground and holding him there.  It took other players to pull him off.  Wade would not speak of the altercation afterward, only referring to it as an internal matter.  Chacon was escorted out of Minute Maid Park by security.

Anger management?  A little late for that.  Lots of people would like to be paid 2 million to sit in a bull pen.