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Lightening Round with Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones

DH or No DH?Chipperjones


Night Game or Day Game?

Night game.

Simpsons or 60 minutes?

I’d say 60 minutes.

Leno or Letterman?


Playstation or X Box?


Sand or Snow?

Daytona – sand

Cadillac or pickup truck?

Pickup truck

Country or rock?


Golf or tennis?


History or current events?

Current events

West Coast or East Coast?


Jumbo Jack or Big Mac?

Big Mac

City or country?


Astros Rookie Replaces Legend

Astros Notes

When Astros first baseman  Jeff Bagwell was placed on the DL, one rookie never dreamed he would be filling such big shoes.

Todd Self, the 26-year-old infielder from Triple A Roundrock got that call, and he is still pinching himself. Self

“The night I got the call up, I just sat there for two or three minutes to soak it in and was trying to make sure it wasn’t a dream and that it was really happening,” he said.  “It’s definitely the best feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

Bagwell, 36, was placed on the 15-day Disabled List with a right shoulder sprain, retroactive to May 4.

Self was having a pretty good season for Round Rock, hitting .391 with two home runs and 15 RBI’s in 28 games.  He was originally selected by


in the 15th round of the June 2000 draft.  Self was a 2004 Texas League All-Star, and considered one of the better young hitters in the Astros organization.

For Self, he is enjoying his time in the majors, and hopes to stay a while.

“I wouldn’t say I’m taking Jeff’s place by any means,” said Self.  “Right now his shoulder is bothering him and they need an extra guy to come in and stay for however long, and I’m here to do whatever I can to help the team win.”

The Astros are currently in last place in the Central Division with a record of 13-23. 

Clemens, 42, has been pitching lights out for the Astros, with a 2-1 record with a 1.10 ERA and needs run support from his teammates.

Self agrees. He feels his greatest strength is just being able to put the bat on the ball, to make solid contact and try and hit singles and doubles and drive in runners.

“Everybody is working together to try and win,” he said.   

Opportunity Knocks!

Welcome to my site!  I am excited about this new venture on mlb.com.  I hope you will join me this entire season, and here you will get the latest updates and interviews with your favorite baseball players!

Interviewing baseball players has been the most exciting thing I have ever done.  The one thing I enjoy most about it is that I get to learn about the player as a person, who he is on the inside, and what he is really like! 

It’s really interesting how different so many of the guys are.  Randy Johnson is the most polite and quiet person I have interviewed.  Then there are cut ups like Danny Graves Danny_and_michael_1 and Ben Sheets.  They will keep you laughing in your shoes.  Roger Clemens was awe inspiring. He is truly a remarkable player, and I shook in my shoes when I interviewed him!

Speaking of Clemens, I was there to watch him receive his award for his 7th Cy Young.  His mom Bess tossed out the ceremonial first pitch to Roger, and it was a very emotional time for both of them.  Bess Clemens suffers from emphysema, and it took a lot out of her to get up there, but she was determined to do it, and she did.  Roger joked that she threw the ball in the dirt so she could claim it was a game used ball and keep it.

It’s stories like those I plan to share with you, and you too will learn things about your favorite players you didn’t know!

And btw, I will be doing a search this summer for the best ballpark hot dog, as I hope to travel around to some of the different ballparks and test them out for myself.  So far though, Minute MaidPark has some pretty good ones!

So, send me your input on your favorites, or players you would like to see interviews on, and then check out mlb.com/kids to see them for yourself!  My interview with nice-guy Sean CaseyCasey_2  should be up next week, and upcoming is going to be an interview with Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster, who does awesome magic and card tricks. We plan to video it, so stay tuned!