Dempster is a Jokester

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ryan Dempster of the Chicago Cubs on video.  Not only was he a lot of fun, he agreed to do some really cool magic tricks, some awesome card tricks and a really funny impression of Chris Farley from Tommy Boy.

The interview should be posted soon on the kids web site.   It’s a must see!

I know Ryan had some struggles the last couple of years having to have Tommy John surgery and I am glad he is back and doing well. 

If you ever get out to the ballpark and have the chance to see him, let him know you saw his interview at soon!

Here’s a secret.  When you watch the video, there is a part where he asks me if the card he is holding is mine.  I said yes even though it wasn’t, because I thought he had messed up and didn’t want to embarass him.  He looked at me puzzled, and said, "are you sure?"  Then he pulled out the correct card, and asked me if that was the card, and I told him yes.  I was so glad he really hadn’t messed up, and a little embarassed I almost messed up the trick!  Anyway, have fun watching it.  He was a great sport!

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