Q&A with Eric Gagne


MM:  You are one of the most dominate closers in baseball – how do you feel about that?

EG:  It’s kind of fun that you guys say that.  I just want to work out everyday and have fun with it.  Everytime I step on the field I have fun.  It’s great.

MM:  What’s your favorite pitch?

EG:  Change up.  I love my change up.  I think it’s a pretty good pitch and I like to keep everybody off balance but I like to throw fast balls and throw hard.

MM:  What’s the fastest ball you have thrown?

EG:  The fastest I’ve ever seen was 100 mph and that was in


a few years ago.

MM:  What’s the first thing you bought with your big league paycheck?

I bought my mom a house.  My mom has always been there and always been supportive and I bought her a house and she was really happy.

MM:  What are your hobbies?

EG:  Golf, I play a lot of golf and I love watching hockey.  I can’t play the game anymore but I watch a lot of it. 

MM:  Name the one thing you don’t travel without.

EG:  My I Pod.  I have to have my music in my ears all the time. 

MM:  Tell me something in your that people don’t know about.

EG:  I’m not really aggressive, I’m really calm.  You don’t see that on the mound but I’m really a calm guy.

MM:  What’s the best advice anyone has every given you?

EG:  Jesse Orasco, by telling me it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday or the day before, you have to come down every day and be positive and have fun playing baseball, and if you don’t have fun playing baseball then you should go home.

Lightening Round:

DH or no DH –


Night game or day game –

Night Game

West coast/east coast –

West coast

National Geographic or Sports Illustrated

National Geographic

Reality or comedy


Country or rap


Dog  or cats –


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