Spring Baseball Fever

While spring training for the pros may be coming to an end, high school baseball is in full swing.  High School seniors are trying to secure their future, and to them, every game counts.  Many have dreams of playing at the pro level, and have their favorite players they look up to. 

Like the pros, they have to have a balance in their lives.  For them, it’s between baseball, school and family.  They hustle and sweat just like the pros, and have that drive and determination to carry their team to the play-offs.  Below are quotes on favorite MLB players and photos from some of the local high school players where I live.  They too want to be winners, and they too play because they love it.

Friendswood High School Coach Charlie Taylor "We are pleased as coaches as to what we have seen in the first few weeks of the season and have had a good start in district play.  If we continue working to improve we should have a good season ,with hopes to return to the playoffs again this season."

Zach Jacobson, Friendswood High School SeniorZach_jacobsonjpg_1

Favorite MLB PLayer:  Brad Lidge of the Houston Astros because

"He plays hard and grinds it out every game. I admire that.”

Jared Myrick – Friendswood High School JuniorJared_myrickjpg_1

Favorite MLB Player:  Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees

  “….he gets into the game…he’s a great baseball player.”

Bobby Loveless Friendswood High School Junior Bobbyloveless_homerunjpg_1

Favorite:  Roger Clemens of the Houston Astros

“He’s a hard worker and gives 110% every game.”

Justin BarbaJustin_barbajpg_1 Friendswood High School Senior

Favorite:  Lance Berkman of the Houston Astros

"He had an ACL tear like I had and he recovered from it, and carried his team to the World Series.”

Coach Ben Pardo – Pearland High School Baseball Coach on his team.  "It is a close group of boys who work extremely hard.  They have expectations of returning to the playoffs in 2006.  The district race will be a dog fight."

Michael_specialejpgMike SpecialePearland High School Senior

Favorite:  Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees

"Best shortstop of all time."

Daniel LopezDaniel_lopezjpg_1 Pearland High School Senior

Favorite: Mariano Rivera – New York Yankees

"Best closer ever."

Chad Garner Chad_garner_2  Pearland High School Senior

Favorite:  Alex Rodriguez– New York Yankees

"Good 3rd baseman -unique style."

Matt MurphyMatt_murphyjpg_2 Pearland High School Junior

Favorite:  Pete Rose

He always gave 100% every time on the field and was one of the best hitters in the game."



  1. Arielle

    Hey Michael (Mike?)
    My name is Arielle and I’m a high school student who is also trying to break into the world of sports writing. How’d you get hooked up with mlb.com/kids? I’ve been winning contests here in Boston and speaking with sports writers like Jackie MacMullan and Dan Shaughnessey (if you know who they are) but have never had something work out for me.

    Check out my blog at http://catchingredsox.mlblogs.com/

  2. chadlebeauaz@cox.net

    Wow… You got to meet Bud Selig, How did you get noticed and how are you able to go on the field and interview the players?
    How did you get started with sports reporting?

  3. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Great post as always, Michael. It was nice to see the perspective of high school players. I think you meant to include “Mariano Rivera” in the Daniel Lopez reply. Interesting to see someone pick Charlie Hustle, too. Keep bloggin’!


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