Dugout Chatter with D’Backs Manager Bob Melvin

What is the most stressful part of your job?Bob_melvin

Just the wins and losses.  You feel like you are accountable for what you do.  You feel like when you lose games it’s your fault and you could have done something differently so that’s probably the most stressful part.

Then what is the hardest part?

Just dealing with personalities and trying to get everybody time to play, yet at times not trying to bruise egos knowing that guys need days off even when they don’t want to – so just trying to get along with everybody and make sure that everybody you know is part of the 25 man team we have here. 

What’s the best part about being a manager?

The best part about being a manager is that they get to call you skipper. 

What’s the best advice you’ve given any player?

To be yourself, play hard and be accountable to your teammates. 

What advice do you have for kids who want to become a manager of a team one day?

Make sure you go to school and educate yourself, and have an understanding of people, because more than anything it’s dealing with people just like any other job in life. 

Tell me about your playing days with the Giants.

It was exciting for me because I grew up in San Francisco, and that’s my home town there, and to be able to play for a team in your hometown that you grew up and watched was obviously very exciting. My family and friends were able to go to the games and it was kind of a childhood dream to play for them. 

I heard you are moving to New York with your daughter. 

We got an apartment in New York for my daughter who is going to the school for film and television in New York and then we’re going to be able to spend some time this offseason in New York with her .  It’s a very exciting time in her life, going to college and on the road go to being an actress and learning it in a place like New York which is the place to learn.  It’s a very exciting time for her and a very exciting for us in that we are able to experience it with her.

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