Drombowski on Being A GM

Watch here for a short series on quick hit questions with some of the players/personnel playing in the World Series!

Lets start with Tigers GM Dave Drombowski.

Dave Drombowski

What has it been like to be the GM of two teams?

Well, it’s very exciting.  Whenever you talk about that I think I am very fortunate to be involved in baseball and to be a General Manager, and so I think I’m in a fortunate situation.

How is it to be the head of the team and having to trading people and all that?

Well, I think that you look at it from a couple different perspectives.  One perspective is that you’re always trying to do anything that you can to help your baseball team, so that’s something that you do, whether to win now or help yourself in the future, depending where you are as an organization. But you also have to realize that you’re dealing with people’s lives and that they’re going to be moving from place to place.  I think that you have to keep both in consideration.

If a kid wanted to have a career in baseball as a GM, what would they have to do?

Well, I think there’s a lot of  different things.  I don’t think there’s any set pattern to do that, but I think that getting a well rounded education and then be in a position where you learn about every aspect of the game, which is player development, scouting, Latin American operations, all the intricacies of the administrative end of the baseball operation and having a total feel of the financial end, would all be things that I think would be very important, but getting a well rounded education is the first step.

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