There’s a lot to be said for retractable roofs!

Living along the Gulf Coast, the Astrodome set the standards of indoor baseball.  And while many will argue baseball is a game to be played outside, there’s a lot to be said for those retractable roofs!  Many a game in Houston would have been cancelled this year if not for the roof.  On blazing hot days, fans are grateful for it as well.  Nothing like 72 degree constant temperature. 

My favorite weather times are April and October.  Outdoor baseball is awesome then.  But as the heat comes into play, and the rainy summer days (especially afternoons), I love our roof.

I was all set to watch the game last night, excited as ever.  Hopefully tonight, they will be able to get a game in.  And while I look outside my window and watch the rain fall (in Houston it’s raining) I hope St. Louis weather clears us so they can Play Ball!

One comment

  1. Thomas

    Totally agree… Retractable roofs are the way to go. Everytime a game gets rained out I kind of gloat about our roof. The stadiums like the New Busch are nice and all… but it’s not like the experience there is better than a game at MMP, Arizona or Milwaukee.

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