One on One with Nats Felipe Lopez

What do think is your greatest strength as a player?Mchughlopez_14
I think that my speed is my greatest strength.  I can do a lot with my speed defensively and offensively.
What’s it like playing with Willie Mo Pena again?
I played with him before in Cincinnatti.  I enjoy playing with him.  He hits mostly home runs so that’s  always fun.
You played many positions.  Do you have a favorite?
My favorite position growing up was always  short stop, but you know, I’ll play anything.
What sports did you play growing up?
Other than baseball?  I played soccer, football, and basketball.  I think that’s about it.
How did you know that you wanted to play baseball?
It was in the family.  I grew up in it and I always loved it.
What is the wildest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
They make big signs or posters, nothing too crazy.

Whats your favorite heckle from fans?
There have been so many.  The always make fun of my butt or ask if I am related to J Lo or something like that.   That’s pretty funny.
Who is the funniest guy on the team?
Oh, we’ve got a lot of them.   There are a bunch of funny guys this year.  I can’t say there’s just one.
Do you have any funny stories that you can share?
We went into one of the coaches hotel room when we got in from the flight, and we hid in the closet and under the bed and we popped out and he got scared. 
Has anyone ever pulled a prank on you?Nats_lopez_1
Oh, yeah, every day.  Like yesterday, they hid my phone.  And that’s pretty important, your phone. 
What’s been the most embarrassing thing that has happened on the field?
My feet got stuck in my shoelace as I was trying to run and I fell on my face.  It was very embarrassing.

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