Another season coming to an end

This time of year, I often reflect on the past season, wondering how it passed by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday it was April, then all of a sudden, it’s closing weekend.  For me, it will be sad to see some players  retire, as I have grown up watching them play hard for so long.  One such player is Craig Biggio.  There was never a time that he wasn’t hustling down the baselines, trying to beat out a throw.  He never gave anything less than his best.  Every time. 

David Wells has contributed a lot to the game as well.  While he still feels he has something left in the tank, I wonder, will this be it?  I hope not.  I too think he still has something to contribute and hope he comes back next year.

Then there are guys like Luis Gonzalez who now plays for the Dodgers.  Growing up, I always thought of him as a DBack, but he proudly wears his Dodger blue, he too giving them everything he has.  I really hope to see him on a team that will value his talents.  He still has it.

With all that said, another season closes, but there’s always anticipation for spring.  Now the question is, who will end up in the World Series? 

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