Video Interview with Hunter Pence

Check out the latest interview with Hunter Pence! or go to and check out the video in the top right corner.

Also, at you can see one on one interviews with Josh Beckett and Nolan Ryan.  Enjoy!



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    I am new at this commenting thing so I will make it short this first time. I am sure as I get comfortable I will become a regular blabber mouth. I wanted to take the time to say thank you for bringing us, the fans a more closer look to so many players. Some who we feel at times, we are already close to but to others that we may not of taken the time to get to know. If it wasn’t for your interviews, we may have over looked so much. We learn not only what it is like for them as players/personalities but as “real” people. I have a few favorites or my own but as I said, I am learning alot more about other players thanks to you and your hard work. I have alot of catching up to do as I see I am just a beginner at your site and there are so many interviews I have yet to view. Thank you again for such a great job.

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