Dueling Rookies

Saturday’s game between the Astros and the Phillies turned out two spectacular performances for two rookie pitchers. Cole Hamels Cole_hamels and Jason Hirsch Hirsch both gave it their all, with Hirsch hitless until the 5th, and Hamels carrying his no hitter into the 7th. This is what makes baseball so exciting. Hamels teammates made some awesome plays, doing their best to keep the no hitter going. Unfortunately for Hamels, Houston’s Adam Everette spoiled his bid in the 7th. Hamels left the game afterward, but his 11 strikeouts were impressive. Phillie is only one game out of the Wild Card at the moment, and Houston desperately needs a win tomorrow to even have a chance of making the playoffs.

CLEMENS WATCH: Clemens is scheduled to pitch this Wednesday against the Reds. There should be a large turnout, as many speculate this could be his last time to pitch, should he decide to really retire.

One comment

  1. Will

    It’s funny how well the two pitchers do on the same day considering the complete disparity in their style. Most people would think the starter leaving the game with 11 K’s would be the pitcher with a five pitch arsenal. But today, it was a left-handed finesse pitcher with 2.5 pitches. The success Hamels has been having with just changeup/fastball/changeup probably is boggling advance scouts for the Cubs and Marlins.

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