Clemens on Capitol Hill

In less than 24-hours, all eyes will be focused on the nation’s capitol, and the scandal that’s rocking baseball.  Roger Clemens and his accuser, Brian McNamee will be side by side.   

Andy Pettitte has been spared the public hearing and from testifying against friend Roger Clemens.  Many believe the statements he made earlier could hurt Clemens. Tomorrow will shed light on it all. 

This much we know:

There are 41 members on the House Committee

Opening statements will be made by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va.

Each member will be given 15 minutes for questioning rather than the usual five minutes

HGH does not make athletes stronger or faster.

While Clemens continues to deny McNamees allegations, support for Clemens has not wavered.  And his critics have not backed down. 

He says he never took steroids or HGH.    McNamee claims he did, and he was the one who gave it to him.

Sports and politics – they are an interesting mix.

Who will prevail?

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