Idol or Not?

You have to admire Andy Pettitte.  Yes, he took HGH.  No, he shouldn’t have.  But who of us hasn’t made a mistake and regretted it.  Who of us is perfect?  I think Andy Pettitte is a bigger role model now because he came out and spoke the truth.  He didn’t hide behind it.  He stepped up, spoke out, admitted his mistakes, and apologized for them.  He recognized the wrong, and made it right.  That’s a role model in my opinion.  He isn’t afraid to speak of his relationships with God, his church and his family.  Recognizing what is most important in his life – his family and his conscience – that is what he stood up for.

He taught me that you have to own up to your mistakes, regardless of the embarrassment it may cause.  Telling the truth works so much better than carrying the burden of a lie.  Face the music now.  Own up, deal with the consequences, and move on.

Was I even the least bit disappointed?  You bet.  But I have been around Andy Pettitte during his days with the Astros, and this is what I know about him.

Andy was professional, respectful, kind, and always made time for this young reporter.  Always.  He never shunned me, turned me away, said he was too busy, or said maybe later.  He stopped, talked, and took the time to answer my questions.  The biggest impression he made on me was the time I was in the middle of talking with Andy, and a seasoned TV sports reporter came over and interrupted us, sticking his camera and mike in front of me, clearly expecting Andy to quit talking with the kid, and respond to him.  Andy politely told the reporter that he was interrupting an interview, and they would have to wait until he was through.  He took his time, paying no attention to the other reporter.  He totally focused on our interview.  You don’t know how important that was to me. 

Yes, Andy goofed.  Andy also learned, and now it’s time to focus on baseball.  I have always considered him a role model.  I still do.

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