Eight Years and Counting

It’s weird, but this spring it was eight years ago that my brothers and I got to go and see the Marlins (as Counsell’s guests) at spring training in Viera.  For those of you that read my blog, you know that Craig Counsell is my brother Zach’s ultimate favorite player of all time.  Their relationship developed when Craig was beaned in the jaw by a CJ Nitkowski fastball, and went on the DL with a wired shut jaw.  Zach wrote him tons of letters, and believe it or not, Counsell HAND WROTE a note back to Zach.  They became friends, and to this day the friendship remains.

So, here we are eight years later, and Craig is in town with the Brewers.  He still remembers us, and my brother still goes to visit him every time he is in town.  It’s strange, because, he has seen my brother grow up and it has to be weird for him.  This little kid who wore Counsell shirts and decorated his room with everything Counsell is now a teen ager – all grown up. 

We are heading out to the ballpark tomorrow to see Craig, and he will be really surprised to see how tall Zach has gotten.

There seems to be so much bad publicity lately with baseball players, and I write this just to remind everyone that there are some really great players out there.  Ones who remember their fans, and play the game because they truly love the game. 

Counsell is a guy who always becomes a fan favorite, no matter where he plays.  I don’t know how much longer he’ll continue, but I am glad he, and others like him, are in the game.  THEY are what baseball is all about, and worthy of looking up to!  Thanks Craig!

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